Arrival and Departure

Getting Here

Air New Zealand brings most visitors to the Cook Islands, providing services from both North and South.

Services are also provided by Virgin Australia and more recently by Jetstar. Flight Schedules and fares can be viewed or booked on Air New Zealand,Virgin Australia or Jetstar.

Entry Requirements

A visiting visa is not required for stays of 31 days or less, however an onwards airline ticket is required. Extension of visitor stays may be granted on a monthly basis for up to 3 months.

Departure tax

Departure Tax is now included in current ticket prices and roughly compares with rates from other International Airports.


No duty is levied on clothing or personal effects (including sports equipment). In addition, each visitor may bring into the Cook Islands: 200 cigarettes or up to ½ pound (250g) of tobacco or up to 50 cigars, 2 litres of spirit or wine or 4.5 litres of beer free of duty.

Other Goods with total value in excess of NZ$250.00 are liable to duty.

Berthing information

Rarotonga is a desirable port of call for South Seas sailors. Many yachts moor at the docks in Avatiu Harbour. Vessels are able to obtain moorings in Avatiu Harbour. For maritime matters please contact the following government office:

Ports Authority, Harbourmaster, PO Box 84, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Ph: (682) 28814 - Fax: (682) 21191