Highland Paradise - Self Guided Tour


During this Self Guided Tour, you will explore some of the 25 acres that have been uncovered to date of this ancient village and which is only a small part of the mountain refuge that once existed. You will get a brief glimpse of parts of the village as it was more that 500 years ago.

Stroll the grounds at your leisure and learn by number from your personal guide book which covers various sites & features. You will see the important, culturally significant sites and learn about many of our beautiful and medicinal plants and flowers. Take as long as you like. Relax and feel the history.

If you think you would like more in depth information, then consider the Guided Tour that is also available.

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Complimentary cold drink, DVD theatre included


Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Times: Between 10:00am & 3:00pm

Duration: 1hr 30min (approx)

Prices and Payment

ALL Rates are in NZ Dollars & include local Taxes

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Self Guided Tour

Adult: $30,

Child: $15 (under 12 years)

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