Highland Paradise - TAPU'AE Guided Tour


This Tapu’ae Day Tour - ‘Footprints of our Ancestors’ - offers an entertaining history lesson with interactive elements. You will learn not only about the mountainous fortress that was built here many years ago but also about the tribal people, their hardships, and their heritage. Your guide will lead you through storytelling,the local tribes spiritual past and present, ancient legends and cultural practices, as well as the struggle for food, battles fought against other tribes, cannibalism, village living conditions, the plants they used for medicinal purposes and many other fascinating historical aspects about this sacred place. During the tour you will also learn the art of local weaving, dancing, and the preparation of the umu (underground oven), all presented by knowledgeable and entertaining guides who enhance your Tapu’ae Day Tour experience.

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Interactive village tour with local activities such as weaving, dancing and umu.


Days: Tuesday, Thursday

Times: 9:30am - 12:30pm

Transfer Times: Pick ups from 09:15am, Drop Offs from 12:45

Duration: 3 hr (approx)

Prices and Payment

ALL Rates are in NZ Dollars & include local Taxes

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TAPU’AE - Footprints of our ancestors tour

Adults: $75 each

Children (6-11 years): $37.50 each

Children under 6 years: Free

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