Holiday Advice and Information

Part of enjoying a holiday in another country, is appreciating the differences in culture & way of life. The pages linked below provide an insight into the way things are in the Cook Islands & hopefully help you enjoy your holiday here.

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The Cook Islands

Rich Cultural traditions are reflected in the songs, dances and legends passed down through the generations.


Cook Islands Weddings are very popular. This page provides information on legal requirements, possible venues, services available, with links to local Planners and arrangers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visitors & those planning to visit have many questions. Some of these with answers are listed on this page. Don’t be scared to ask local residents about things as they occur to you. It’s a great way to get a glimpse of the real Cook Islands.

Getting around

Information about getting around, available modes of transport and services.


Links to local businesses & enterprises are set out on this page.

About us

Our Story & why we do it