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We are a Cook Islands company registered and domiciled right here on Rarotonga, the capital island of the Cook Islands.

All the answers and booking confirmations you will receive are from Rarotonga, not from a web site attempting to cover the world.

cookislandsholidays.net is successful because it is needed.

In this new age of “do-it-yourself” travel arrangements, the internet can be an information boon - or an automated disaster!

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Kia Orana, I'm Uncle Jeff.

I have been living in the Cook Islands for 27 years so far, and have a good understanding of the people, the customs, the locations and above all, what you need for a great holiday - with no hassles!

As a local, living and working for you - right here on Rarotonga, I and my team are able to give personal - and valid, advice that would not necessarily be as accurate on a web site based away from the Cook Islands.

To help ensure that you are well treated, all the accommodators & tour operators represented on our pages are ones whom we trust and respect, and who aim to ensure their guests leave our shores happy with their visit. All meet and provide minimum standards of good service, good facilities, safe practices and friendly Cook Islands hospitality.

Most of all, they love to share the magic that is the Cook Islands.

My wish is to help you find the perfect holiday base for YOU - at the right price and with the right, local advice on how to enjoy it all.

I do it because I enjoy it - and your thank you emails are the reason I enjoy it!

Try asking me…

Kia Manuia from Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

Uncle Jeff